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Hello there! Welcome to my website, where you will find all sorts of interesting things about my life and what I do.

I'm a masters student studying Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. My masters is in structural protein bioinformatics. I am studying protein-protein interfaces, in particular their size and conservation to aid in prediction of interfaces with knowledge of only one of the binding partners. I love a challenge and the problem solving in programming contests is a challenge I love most, hence the dedicated list on the left. My interests lie in high performance computing, most things algorithmic in nature and I'm also tending towards the possibility of some language research.

If you want to find out what I'm like, well you'll have to get to know me. Otherwise, peruse what I've made available here. Some of the stuff is incomplete, but that's because I often get ambitious in my writing and drag on so long that I don't get the time to finish it.

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New Site

2007-10-30 13:09:39: Spent a little time redesigning this website. Not a major overhaul, but it's mostly backend changes. Leave a message if anything appears broken.


2007-10-28 19:05:47: I start a three month internship at Nvidia mid-November. Read more!

ACM ICPC Results

2007-10-28 19:03:17: UCT dominated the South African ACM ICPC regional contest by taking the top four places. teh_solverers advance to the World Finals in Banff Springs, Alberta. Read more!

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