Dr. Audrey J. W. Mbogho

Audrey DOT Mbogho AT uct DOT ac DOT za

Department of Computer Science
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
South Africa

Computer Science Building, Room 308
(021)650 5108
(021)650 3551

Software Engineering
Human Computer Interaction
Genetic Algorithms Neural Networks

Research interests:
Speech-based interaction
Vision-based interaction
Neural Networks
Genetic algorithms
Software testing

Department of Computer Science
University of Cape Town

Key Research Interest:

My main research interest is in making computers more usable and useful for those who need this the most. There is no shortage of frustration with computer systems, and easing people's frustration is a worthwhile goal. However, when we think of computers as tools for solving problems, it becomes obvious that computer systems are designed in a way that only caters for the majority and ignores the problems of a large segment of the human population. Imagine if most people were visually impaired--we would then most certainly have a much different type of sysmem on out desks or in our palms. What we need to realise is that such a system would be more usable to not just the visually impaired, but to everyone. If, for instance, a computer can reliably receive spoken inputs, many people will prefer this, whether or not they have visual difficulties. What is needed is systems that do not offer a "one size fits all" interface. There should be options for the different types of potential users that do exist, not just so that people are "not left out" but because there is a real need for those with impairments of various kinds to be aided by technology in day to day activities.