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Honours Modules in Recent Years

This page gives details of some of the honours (4th year of the BSc) courses I have taught in the past few years.

San Story Telling
Action Research Phases

User Experience in Games and Virtual Environments (2014)
This course is about extending your practical skills in creating games (or VEs) with the scientific skills to analyse the experiences users have in them.  We’ll first examine concepts of user experience in immersive games and virtual environments. The objective is learning what makes such games and environments effective and engaging. We will consider how you can measure user experience in a VE and game and consequently how to make them better.


Lecture on Qualitative Research (2012)

  1. What is research and qualitative research about?
  2. Examples of Qualitative Research:
    • Case studies
    • Contextual Inquiry
    • Ethnography
    • Conversation Analysis
    • Grounded Theory
  3. Pragmatist Epistemology
  4. Action Research
  5. Quality

Eastern Cape Scene

      Contextual Inquiry    

ICT4D: Digital Divide and Other Concepts (2010)
Some guiding principles for working in ICT4D Concepts and distinctions to use in carrying out research Useful modes for thinking about case studies.


IICT4D: Software Engineering in Developing Communities (2011)
Theme: Align the technical with the social and cultural context.

See also Deaf telephony: Community-based co-design.