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Some Recent Work

  • Deaf telephony: Community-based Co-design. A case study on our design method which fuses action research, industrial design approaches including participatory design techniques and education. It is a way of exploring a design space in a way that alleviates the restrictions of the designer's own viewpoint and bias. In a cyclical fashion the designers work according to their skills and learning and according to the users' expressed requirements and their learning. The researchers and the users end up being the design team. Our research also raises important ethical issues which are fundamentally concerns of reciprocity: what does the community get in return for helping our research careers? (2011)
  • Cultural reinterpretation and resonance: The San and hip-hop. This paper shows that a hip-hop themed priming Virtual Environment improves the VE experience of the almost extinct San culture for users who have an affinity for the genre. (2011)
  • Software engineering in developing communities. Paper that summarizes my views on how ICT4D can be integrated into software engineering. It has a strong bias towards action that is both effective and ethical. (2010)
  • Being participated: a community approach. Good summary of work on indigenous knowledge. (2010)

Special Interest

Some Notable Theses