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This website gives a brief summary of my formal academic journey.

  • 2011

    Final Year of High School

    The journey begins with a struggle. I had to go from below average to being the only one at my school admitted for bachelors. My family had FET college plans for me but I had my own. I was a Head boy at my school. Joined different activities but didn't quite excel but the experience was so great!

  • 2012

    First Year at UCT in GEPS

    A miraculous year, from below average to Africa's top University without any distinctions like the rest. I was admitted into General Entry Programme for Science. I wanted to do Geology but my entrance points were lacking by a few points but the points were good enough. Opportunity well utilized, I made Dean's Merit list.

  • 2013

    Second Year GEPS

    Now officially doing Geology. Finding out more about Computer Science/Engineering killed my passion. However, my favorite modules were: Crystals and Minerals, Earth Tectonics, Economic Geology, Geomorphology, Igneous Rocks, Structural Geology, Stratigraphy. This year was like riding a bus for 22 hours non-stop, doable but uncomfortable.

  • 2014

    First year BSc Computer Science and Computer Engineering

    This was an interesting transition for my life. A decision I am forever grateful to have made. I left Geology and joined majors I enjoyed. I am older than my classmates but my passion is more important. My mind is like a dog excited for its owner, it loved every content delivered. The hello world, student number program, and many more, were a dream come true. The flashing LEDs on microcontrollers! Oh modimo waka. I assembled and soldered a microcontroller development kit. Words can't express this english I am talking about. Modules I enjoyed the most: Introduction to Microcontrollers, Problem solving in Python, Introduction to algorithms and program writing.

  • 2015

    Second year BSc Computer Science and Computer Engineering

    I just got the hang of my new majors, I am now looking for more. But things got really intimate when I did the Systems Analysis course. It made me feel like I discovered my calling, teamwork, designing and planning systems to address a business problem felt really close to my heart. The weekly tasks with strict ways to do them, ruined my relationship with this course. It gained even more passion for computer science/engineering courses. Computer science modules got a little heated and engineering got cooler.Otherwise, the modules I enjoyed are: Advanced Software Design, Concurrent Programming in Java, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Digital and Embedded Systems, Mobile Design and Development, Systems Analysis

  • 2016

    Final year BSc Computer Science and Computer Engineering

    The last lap, engineering is getting friendlier but computer science is losing its mind. But I held the bull by the horns, however it left a scar of lowest mark of all my computer science modules. I made it pay and got a distinction for round two; because I am the man. In this year my teamwork skills are heavily tested by both majors. Engineering teammates try to break me by not responding to communications because the heat is everywhere for everyone, but I am a diamond. My allocated computer science project does not quite have resources to help my team out, so they ask what now? Morning comes, I have a solution and it worked. End of year comes and I am now a BSc graduate majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The modules I enjoyed are: Embedded Systems, Neural and Fuzzy Logic, Operating Systems. I created a spellchecker, check it out here

  • 2017

    BSc Honours Computer Science

    This is the most exciting year of my entire academic journey. Lots of reality checks, rejections, goal setting, planning, winning, losing, it is just war! I had amazing opportunities to know more about my smart class mates. I never engaged with my classmates like I did in this year. The modules I found fascinating are: Big Data Management and Analysis (BigDB), Distributed Scientific Computing(DSC), Evolutionary Computing (EC), Networks and Internetworks Security (NIS), New Venture Planning (NVP), Theory of Algorithms (TOA). I created my honours team's website, check it out here

  • 201(x < 21)

    After 2017

    The academic journey has been a great experience. Topics I would like to learn at my own pace as hobbies are: Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. In my entire journey teammates complimented me for my leadership style, drive for excellence, loyalty to the cause, ability to deliver, and positivity when nothing was working. As a result of that, I want to refine these qualities and make them a career. The dream is to be an effective leader that everyone wishes for. I have done it before and I will do it again!

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