Zola Mahlaza
Jarvis Mutakha


Professor E. Blake
Thomas Reitmaier
Pierre Benz


Cloudlet platform
Android application


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Jarvis' Report
Zola's Lit review
Zola's Report
Research Proposal


Cloudlet platform for the Raspberry Pi and Android mobile application.

Cloud computing can be defined as being the flexible online data storage services, ranging from passive ones, such as online archiving, to active ones, such as collaboration and social networking. Cloud computing platforms play an essential role to modern lives and the economy.

It is not as attractive, however, from the perspective of a mobile device user as it has a number of faults. Essentially, cloud computing is well suited for devices connected to networks with fast Internet speeds. It still faces challenges in mobile devices in a number of areas due to weak network signals and bandwidth-induced delays. These challenges face mobile devices due to the distance of the cloud from the mobile device user. They are worth solving as they may deter some individuals from using cloud based applications. This platform is smaller and requires smaller resources.

This work investigated the viability of using a Raspberry Pi for hosting a cloudlet. There are two components; (1) a cloudlet platform for providing services that was developed by myself and (2) an android application for interfacing with the services that was developed by Jarvis Mutakha.