Research publications

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Peer reviewed journal papers and book chapters

  1. Coetzer W, Moodley D and Gerber A (2014), A knowledge-based system for discovering ecological interactions in biodiversity data-stores of heterogeneous specimen-records: A case-study of flower-visiting ecology, Ecological Informatics, vol 24, November 2014
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Peer reviewed conference and workshop papers

  1. Coetzer W, Moodley D, Gerber A (2013), A Case-Study of Ontology-Driven Semantic Mediation of Flower-Visiting Data from Heterogeneous Data-Stores in Three South African Natural History Collections. In: S4BioDiv 2013. Semantics for Biodiversity. Proceedings of the first international Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity. May 27, 2013, Montpellier, France (Best paper award).
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Scientific magazine articles and newsletters

1.     Moodley D, Vahed A, Simonis I, McFerren G and Van Zyl T (2008). Enabling a new era of Earth observation research: scientific workflows for the Sensor Web. Ecological Circuits (1), pp. 20-23. Available online:

2.     Moodley D, Chuntharpursat A (2007). Using ontologies to manage ecological data, SAEON newsletter, April 2007,  Available online:

Non - peer reviewed conference presentations, posters and invited talks

1.     Aurona Gerber, Thomas Meyer, Chris Seebregts, Arina Britz, Laurette Pretorius, Ronell Alberts, Deshen Moodley. The Integration of SNOMED CT into the OpenMRS Electronic Medical Record System Framework. Poster in Proceedings of the 3rd Knowledge Representation in Medicine Conference (KR-MED'08), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, May 31 - June 2, 2008.

2.     Seebregts CJ, Mars M, Moodley D, Fraser HSF, Human SP, Fourie C, Singh Y, Hajek M, Pillay W, Tapamo J-R, Murrell H, de Oliveira T, McGrath D and Bennish ML.  Biomedical Informatics Training in South Africa.  Presentation at the Health Informatics in Africa conference, Bamako, Mali, January 2007.

3.     Moodley, D. Agents for the Sensor Web? The Sensor Web Agent Platform, Invited speaker at 2nd South African International Workshop on Sensor Web Enablement, 5-6 February 2007, Breakwater Lodge, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town.

4.     Parbhoo, C and Moodley, D. Knowledge-based system for the detection and classification of unplanned human settlements. Poster at 4th IFIP Summer School Workshop Gordon's Bay, South Africa, 26-30 March 2007, pp 1-4.

5.     Moodley D. Using ontologies to facilitate data and knowledge sharing in large-scale, distributed and heterogeneous information environments, Invited speaker at National Biodiversity Information Management Workshop 6-7 Nov. 2007.

6.     Terhorst A, Simonis I, Moodley D, A service-oriented multi-agent systems architecture for the sensor web, SAEON Summit 2006, Centurion, South Africa, 2006.