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No More Research Projects for Students

Edwin Blake's research covers ICT for Development and Games and Virtual Environments

My research focuses on people’s relation to computers. My primary focus is the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for socio-economic development, known as ICT4D. I have realized that the most important use of computer based systems is to empower people, that is, enabling all of us to take a lead in running our lives according to our own priorities. I am currently director of our ICT4D centre where you can get a broader idea of the work we do.

San Storytelling in a VEI am also interested in user experience (UX) of interactive systems like Virtual Environments (VEs) and Computer Games.  There are interesting areas of overlap between these fields and I think that this research would interest anyone who wants to develop insights and practical skills about how we can use computers effectively.

On the whole I adopt the approach of building applicable systems and then reflecting on the implications: a method that is also known as Experimental Computer Science.

No longer proposing research projects

I shall not be taking on any more research students.