In-house developed tools to assist with and learn about OE

This page currently has three categories of software application for ontology engineering:
  1. Logics support
  2. Methods for ontology authoring
    • CLaRO - competency question authoring
    • ONSET - foundational ontology selection
    • ROMULUS - foundational ontology repository
    • BFO Classifier - align an ontology to BFO v2.0
    • TDDonto2 - authoring support in Protégé
    • OntoPartS - select part-whole relations
    • TOMM - compute module metrics
    • NOMSA - modularise an ontology
  3. Natural language tools that double as technique illustrations
The tools are listed in the order I would expect them to be of some use, when one follows the order of the topics as covered in the OE textbook. Some context can be found in the FOIS'23 Demo paper.

Logics support

DL axiom renderer
Renders the class axioms of the OWL ontology in DL notation in Protégé 5.x

OWL Classifier
Determines the OWL species of the ontology, and which axioms violate the other species or profiles

Methods for ontology authoring

CLaRO: Competency question Language for specifying Requirements for an Ontology, model, or specification
To assist with writing competency questions (at the TBox level)

ONSET: ONtology Selection and Explanation Tool
To choose a foundational ontology for your ontology development project

ROMULUS: Repository of Ontologies for MULtiple USes
A library of foundational ontologies that are aligned, merged, queryable, etc BFO Classifier
A tool that assists with aligning a core, top-domain, or domain ontology to BFO v2.0

To assist with Test-Driven Development for ontologies

Assitance with choosing a part-whole relation, guided by entities fmor a foundational ontology

TOMM: Tool for Ontology Module Metrics
Compute ontology module metrics automatically

NOMSA: Novel Ontology Modularisation SoftwAre
Simplify an ontology using various abstraction methods

Natural language tools

IsiZulu Verbaliser
Verbalisation of OWL ontologies into isiZulu

Afrikaans Verbalisers
Verbalisation of OWL ontologies into Afrikaans, using two different techniques ODE localiser
Localisation of the Protégé ODE and some of the Manchester Syntax, where both the class and object property description views in Protégé and the keywords are in Afrikaans or in Spanish, depending on the plugin.