Michelle Kuttel




Christopher Laidler

grad. expected April 2020


GPU accelerated blind searches for weak binary pulsars, using Dynamic
Power Spectra and Hough Transformations.

Co-supervisor: Scott M. Ransom (U. Virginia, USA)

Photo of Chris Laidler

Samuel Mabakane

grad. April 2019

Ph.D. (part-time)

Effective visualisation of callgraphs for optimisation of parallel programs: a design study

Photo of Dr Samuel Mabakane

Nathan Geffen

grad. April 2018


Design and implementation of programming tools for the microsimulation of infectious disease epidemics with a focus on HIV and TB

Nathan Geffen picture
Ian Tunbridge

grad. June 2011


Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Coarse-Grained Protein-Protein Docking
Co-supervisor: James Gain

Photo of Ian Tunbridge

Alex Fourie

to grad. Dec 2020

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Conformational analysis of E. Coli carbohydrate antigens

Photo of Alex Fourie

Audrey Penz

to grad. Dec 2020

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation) in Statistics

Designing useful ways to support mid-career professionals in creating better financial futures.


Tutsirayi Moyo

grad. April 2019

M.Sc. (part-time)

Accelerated Cooperative Co-Evolution on Multi-core Architectures.
Co-supervisor: Geoff Nitschke


Photo of Edmore Moyo

Adrianna Pinska

grad. April 2019


Accelerated Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein-Protein Docking
Co-supervisors: James Gain, Robert Best (NIH, USA)


Photo of Adrianna Pinska

Kumbirai Chigudu

grad. December 2018

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Design of a Prototype Mobile Application Interface for Efficient Accessing of Electronic Laboratory Results by Health Clinicians


Zaheer Timol

grad. April 2017


Chemical and conformational studies of bacterial cell surface polysaccharide repeating units.

Principal Supervisor: Neil Ravenscroft (Dept. Chemistry, UCT)

Co-Supervisor: David Gammon (Dept. Chemistry, UCT)

Photo of Zaheer Timol

Genevieve Chang

grad. Dec 2015

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Designing an effective carbohydrate-bulding application user interface for the Android tablet environment.

Photo of Gen Chang

Christopher Schollar

grad. June 2015


Handling Radio Frequency Interference for the KAT7 Radio Telescope
Principal Supervisor: Sarah Blyth

Add. Co-supervisor: Anja Schroeder

Photo of C. Schollar

Scott Badenhorst

grad. June 2015


HPC acceleration of astronomical H1 source detection.
Co-supervisor: Sarah Blyth

Photo of S. Badenhorst
Marc Gordon

grad. Dec 2014

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Force Field Comparison through Computational Analysis of Capsular Polysaccharides of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Serotypes 19A and F
Co-supervisor: Neil Ravenscroft


Andrew Potgieter

grad. Dec 2014

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Parallelization of the Weighted Histogram Analysis Method.


Photo of Andrew
Duncan Clough

grad. June 2014


Lattice Boltzman liquid simulations on graphics hardware
Principal Supervisor: James Gain

Photo of Duncan Clough
Neann Mathai

grad. Dec 2013


Molecular modelling of the Streptococcus Pneumoniae serogroup 6 capsular polysaccharide antigens.
Co-supervisor: Neil Ravenscroft


Photo of Neann Mathai
Richard Baxter

grad. Dec 2013


GPU-based Acceleration of Radio Interferometry Point Source Visibility Simulations in the MeqTrees Framework
Principal Supervisor: Patrick Marais

Photo of Richard Baxter
Rudolf van den Berg

grad. Dec 2010

M.Sc. (coursework+dissertation)

Force-extension of the Amylose Polysaccharide

Johannes Jansen van Vuuren
grad Dec 2010

Visualization of high-dimensional solution sets for docking of molecular structures into EM micrographs
Co-supervisor: James Gain

Peter McMahon

grad. Dec 2009


Accelerating Bioinformatics Applications using Reconfigurable Computers

Juan-Pierre Longmore

grad. Dec 2009


Realistic Interactive Sand: A GPU-based Framework
Principal Supervisor: Patrick Marais

Ashley Reid

grad. Dec 2009


Practical Fluid Dynamics for the Animation Industry
Principal Supervisor: James Gain

John Kyeyune

grad. Dec 2008


Parallel Monte Carlo Simulations in LIBOR market models
Principal Supervisor: Peter Ouwehand

  Undergraduate Research Assistants  

Victor Gueorguiev

2015 CSC2005Z project and extension work in 2016/2017.

Accerating molecular conformational searches with genetic algorithms. Victor

Oliver de Bruin

2016 CSC2005Z project.

Raspberry Pi Beowulf cluster. Oliver

Erin Versveld

James Foster

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) project: 2013-2014

Comparison of effectiveness of two mobile application designs for encouraging children to read.

in collaboration with the Nal’ibali national reading-for-enjoyment campaign.



Jason Hlozek


Molecular visualization software development and molecular simulations. Jason

James Watson


Development of the Glycano software.