Michelle Kuttel




I am currently looking for postgraduate students (MSc/PhD) to work on the following ongoing projects.

Project Collaborators
New methods for visualization of astronomical data cubes.

AstroVis version II

Sarah Blyth (UCT Astronomy)

Development of GPU-accelerated Molecular Dynamics code for coarse-grained simulations of protein-protein docking.

Robert Best (NIH, USA)

James Gain

Conformational analysis of bacterial capsular polysaccharides. This project employs computational methods to investigate the behaviour of specific carbohydrate molecules included in conjugate vaccines. Ultimately, detailed knowledge of the molecular mechanisms involved is required for truly rational selection of vaccine components to provide effective, inexpensive vaccines for the developing world.

Vaccine project

Neil Ravenscroft (UCT Chemistry)

We have an on-going project to develop scientific software tools to aid research into the structure of carbohydrate molecules (which play key roles in disease). A previous project developed CarbBuilder – a system for building 3D structures of carbohydrates from 2D specification. This project will extend and generalise this work, developing a robust system to generate 3D models of carbohydrate molecules.

CarbBuilder project

Goran Widmalm (U.Stockholm, Sweden)