Michelle Kuttel


CSC4000W Visual Thinking and Visualization 2013


Selected projects from the UCT CS Honours class of 2015

  Title Group
Platevis Image Platevis report

Platevis visualization

Jarred de Beer

Steven Rybicki

SchoolSalary Image School salary Andrew van Rooyen
LOLSTATSWEb Thumbnail LOLStatsWeb

Eugene De Beste

Mark Grivainis

Calvin (Goldfish) Mills

GSCV Google Scholar Citation Visualization

Lauren Sanby

Ion Todd

Chantal Yang

Google Transparency Report thumbnail Google Transparency Report Visualization

James Bellairs

Jacob Clarkson

Joshua Rambsbottom

Crime Inequality thumbnail

Crime Income Ineqality Visualization - report


Adam Sundstrom

Robert Passmore

Carbon Emissions thumbnail

Visualization report

Visualization implementation

Montalamedi Maikano

Daryryl Meyer

Lubabalo Nazo